Create the Complete ROCCAT PC Gaming Setup with

Innovative New Mousepads and the New Desktop Headset Stand 

ROCCAT, Turtle Beach’s (Nasdaq: HEAR) award-winning, Hamburg, Germany-based PC peripheral brand, has announced the retail availability of its new Sense series mousepads. Four all-new mousepads join ROCCAT’s popular Sense AIMO RGB mousepad to fill out the range. The new Sense mousepads come in a variety of optimal mousepad sizes designed to enhance your gaming experience: Mini (250x210mm) for small gaming spaces, Square (450x450mm) for more vertical space, and the XXL (900x420mm) designed to house both mouse and keyboard. ROCCAT’s new Sense series mousepads offer an assortment of designs and materials to deliver greater balance, durability, speed, and precision control than ever before. The new additions to the Sense range include the micro-weave cloth Sense Core, the resin-treated and smooth Sense Icon, the durable vulcanized and heat-treated Sense CTRL, and the exceptionally fast and precise Sense Pro. The all-new ROCCAT Sense mousepads are available at and participating retailers, with a MSRP range from 59 DKK to 399 DKK.

“We have many new ROCCAT PC gaming peripherals out now, so it’s the right time to refresh our mousepad lineup to better align with our latest mice and keyboards,” said René Korte, ROCCAT Founder and General Manager for PC peripherals at Turtle Beach. “Like other peripherals, mousepads are key components in a PC gamer’s setup, and we have mousepads for every style of gamer. The new Sense mousepads offer new designs, materials, and sizes, and all of them have unique benefits and offer the perfect surface for PC gaming.”

Alongside the Sense mousepad series ROCCAT has also launched a new gaming Headset Stand available exclusively from at a MSRP of 249 DKK. The dream teammate for any ROCCAT headset – ROCCAT’s new headset stand is crafted from high-quality steel and features a low center of gravity to make it a haven for your headset when it is time for a break.

 Additional details on ROCCAT’s new Sense series mousepads below.

Sense Core: 

The Sense Core mousepads come in three sizes – Mini, Square, and XXL. Its micro-weave cloth surface is the perfect balance of speed and control, with exceptional comfort for long gaming sessions. The mousepads come with a rubber non-slip backing so players can game without any distraction as the pad will stay firmly in place. The Sense Core’s premium materials make them extremely durable.

Sense Icon:

The Sense Icon mousepads offer two mousepad sizes – Square and XXL. Covered with its slick resin-treated surface and a unique ROCCAT logo design, these mousepads provide a spill resistance surface and exceptional durability as well as a smooth glide. The back of the Sense Icon mousepads feature a thick rubber base ensuring it won’t move an inch during heated gaming sessions.

Sense CTRL: 

The Sense CTRL mousepads also come in Square and XXL sizes and the Sense CTRL the direct successor to ROCCAT’s popular Taito Control Series mousepads. Its impermeable vulcanized and tough, heat-treated cloth surface offers incredible control. Precise and responsive, it’s aimed at gamers with an eye for accuracy. The Sense CTRL promises to be solid and immovable thanks to a thick rubber base, while its reinforced stitching ensures durability.

Sense Pro:

ROCCAT’s Sense Pro mousepads are available in Square and XXL sizes. The Sense Pro’s military-grade fabric is constructed from a tightly woven polyester surface allowing for a firm yet exceptionally fast surface, as well as ultra-responsiveness for sharp and agile mouse movements. The edges of the Sense Pro mousepads are protected with low profile stitching to prevent fraying, and the premium rubber base ensures slip-free contact with your desk.

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