I first had the pleasure of making an acquaintance with Danish band CrackDown when they played support for industrial icons Skinny Puppy during a show in Copenhagen a few years back. It was already at that point easy to see why they were picked by the headliner and they pulled off a great show.

Fast forward a couple of years, and CrackDown have just released a brand new album entitled “Worn Out Alphabet”, with nine brand-new songs – and I might add, they do not disappoint. If you’re into the whole post-industrial, even at some points 80ies styled synthpop, this might very well be your lovely cup of tea. At points this brought my mind back to the first Ministry album “With Sympathy” or Nine Inch Nails’ debut album “Pretty Hate Machine” – and to me, these are compliments!

My rating will be ‘very positive‘ – I won’t bother with ratings cause what do they mean after all?

You can check the album out right here.

Track list:
Thrives In Your Mess
Sunken Cheeks
Words Of Happiness
Move On
Red Light
Im Inbetween
High Noon

Lasse Mønsted Jensen: Lyrics, vocals, programming, sequencers, tapes, percussion, samples, pianos, mixing and arrangement.

Kim Holm: Modular synths, programming, mixing and arrangement.

Emily Robot Conlon: Female vocals on Thrive In Your Mess & Subsides.

“O” Samples on Thrive In Your Mess.

Mastering and final mixes by Justin Bennett (Skinny Puppy, ohGr, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, kETvEctor Behntier)

Stefano Rossello (kETvEctor, Behntier, Motion Kapture) in Studio23.

Photography and cover art by Carsten Ottesen, Jesper Seneca.

Released by Holm, 2021. All rights reserved

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