gamigo is a very wicked company! There, I said it! They like teasing their fans to a point of cruelty! It’s just not nice!

For the past two weeks they have been teasing a coming MMO title, but do they even reveal the title? No, they don’t, and it’s only making us even more curious.

They better give us something more specific soon! It’s a clear marketing stunt, but damn, it works! 😀

The story continues – the teaser website has now published the second chapter of the audiobook, which introduces the story of this world. Was the sacrifice worth it, can the mother escape the demons?

More episodes of the story will follow in the coming weeks until the announcement, when the name of the MMORPG will also be revealed. Chapter 1 was released a week ago and now Chapter 2 and 3 is available too.

For more news about the game, follow the teaser website or Twitter account.

By Xfire

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